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Rotational Hitting

We teach Rotational Hitting Mechanics at Brooks Baseball & Softball Academy.  Rotational Hitting is the preferred (and overwhelmingly used!) method for nearly every single successful Elite, College, and Professional hitter, regardless of whether they play Fastpitch, Slowpitch, or Baseball!  There are certainly exceptions (Lefty slappers in Fastpitch are a prime example), and we firmly believe each hitter will have variations in their stance, timing, load, and trigger, but we firmly believe quick hip rotation, a firm front side, good slot position, slightly flexed arms at contact, an upward swing plane (steepness of angle depends on sport) to enable maximum time through the zone (and thereby increase probability of solid contact), and good follow-through are all common traits of great hitters.  We do NOT teach rolling the wrists, throwing the knob of the bat at the ball, swinging down (except some Lefty touch slapping or Baltimore Chop), or leading with the hands. We DO teach good, powerful, mechanics that can be learned systematically by players of ALL ages, helping to take your game to the NEXT level!

Arm Health/Strength & Throwing Mechanics

Throwing Arm Health & Strength are a huge emphasis at Brooks Baseball & Softball Academy! We believe firmly in the Jaeger Sports philosophy of "Feeding" and developing the throwing arm with J-Bands, Long-toss, and good, sound athletic practices for breathing, centering, and performing at maximum effort.  Coach Brooks has benefitted directly from quality Pitching and Throwing Mechanics instruction from numerous MLB pitchers and players, and incorporates the best of their instruction into her own.  Her focus is building strong, healthy arms and helping to facilitate a lifelong ability to stay in the sport you love! Significant gains of throwing velocity, doubling of initial throwing distance, and improved accuracy of throws are all results commonly seen.  Results will vary, depending on your entry level, but every student Coach Brooks has worked with has shown marked improvement.

Vision Training

"You can't hit what you can't see!"


Vision Training for both Hitting and Fielding is a key component of lessons at Brooks Baseball & Softball Academy.  Good Vision Training can help us "slow the game down" (always desirable!), allowing us as hitters to better see the spin of the ball (excellent ability to have for breaking pitches!) and make last, split-second adjustments to put the sweet spot on the ball.  As fielders, Vision Training can help us to better track balls with high exit velocities -- and using enhanced eye-hand coordination -- be more likely to properly glove the ball.  Coach Brooks uses many tools, techniques, and drills adapted from College and Professional teams to better help her students see the ball at the plate and on the field. Vision Training is taught more intensely in the off-season, but is incorporated frequently (as needed) in lessons in-season as well.  

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