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Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is pretty simple:  I believe every single player, regardless of age or starting ability can improve her or his game significantly through hard-work, focused, meaningful drills and practice, passion for the game and for learning in general, and from coaching that comes from the heart. I care about the individual progress of every single one of my students, and try to personalize each lesson to accelerate her or his development.  I am still an active player, myself, but moreover, I am a lifelong student of the game -- I am constantly researching, experimenting, and trying things I think can bring greater success to my students.  I recognize that although there are key elements all great players share to have consistent success with bat, glove, or on the bases, every player is an individual.  With the exception of a few of these very key elements, you will never have to worry about me insisting that you all look or act identically.  It's NEVER, "my way or the highway."  I'm big on positive, can-do attitudes and HEART!  You give me everything you have on a given day, and I guarantee I will do the same in return.  I hope to help you on your path to the next level of your game.  Never give up; never give in.  Believe in yourself, and always PLAY HARD and DREAM BIG!

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